Finally! June 15-17, Copenhagen will be filled with exhibitors and visitors and we look forward to meeting and talking with both new and old customers during 3daysofdesign.
We will be exhibiting at Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 68, 1260 København K, an exhibition curated by Framing. Hope to see you there!
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“To be appointed Entrepreneur of the year 2020 in Bromölla is of course a great honour for me personally but furthermost is it an acknowledgment that we together are doing the right things at Ifö Electric.” – Anders Öringe
The national organization Företagarna’s Award Entrepreneur of the Year has been awarded in Bromölla municipality since 1985. The Business Council, supplemented by a number of entrepreneurs, serves as a jury. Since 2019, the public has the opportunity to submit proposals for candidates.
The criteria for the award:
• Own and run your own business.
• Have the company as your main occupation.
• Demonstrate good profitability.
• Be a good role model.
• No payment remarks.
Entrepreneur of the Year 2020


This morning, Anders Öringe, our CEO, has been awarded Entrepreneur of the year in Bromölla!

Anders Öringe_Hemljus Designpris_2020 - Fotograf Casper Hedberg maste namnas
So happy! Ohm Pendant has received the Hemljus Design Award 2020!
This year's jury was Kai Piippo, design manager at Light Bureau and Ulrika Gabriellson Kantermo, from Norrmalms El.
The motivation as follows:
“A beautiful and timeless luminaire in durable materials. An IP 44 pendant approved for wet areas.
A hanging ceiling pendant which fills a void in the market and calls for aesthetic possibilities in the bathroom and other wet areas.”
Ohm Pendant is available in both an indoor version and an outdoor version. Both are IP44-rated and approved for use in wet rooms. The indoor version with textile cable and roof cup, the outdoor version with rubber cable and plug. Available in black and white porcelain. You can find all the versions on the Ohm page.
Many thanks to Hemljus and this year's jury, we are delighted!
Hemljus design award 2020


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Anders Öringe_Hemljus Designpris_2020 - Fotograf Casper Hedberg maste namnas
Photo: Casper Hedberg
Kdesign is beautifully situated on the edge of Mösseberg with Kinnekulle on the horizon and Hornborgasjön as a mirror in a panorama. We were visiting one day in late August to look at lots and lots of our Classic Globes.
Kdesign's store has attracted visitors to Östra Tunhem for years. In a newly built, inviting architecture of 350 square meters, you will get an experience in colors, shape and lovely details and as the nearest neighbor you find a wonderful flower garden for self-picking.
Ifö Electrics visits Kdesign


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Dalby Gästis is a wonderful inn in Dalby in Skåne where the food is pure pleasure, the service is fantastic, and the atmosphere is top notch! The inn is run by the restaurant trio Jenny, Axel and Jessica who all have a love for food and service. They serve lunches and dinners with inspiration from around the world, as well as traditional Swedish dishes. In the three rooms of the inn, the green, the yellow and the pink, you can then spend the night and wake up to a lovely breakfast!
In the renovation of the inn that the owner couple Marita and Sven Holmgren carried out between the years 2014 and 2020, many of Ifö Electric's luminaires have been used and we have been visiting to see the results. And what a result then, amazingly beautiful! For more pictures go to the link below and if you want to visit, look at Dalby Gästis own website.
Ifö Electrics visits Dalby Gästis


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Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
Since the sixties, Ifö Electric has produced porcelain luminaires and already from the beginning the design was an important part of it all. Designers such as Sigvard Bernadotte, Gunnar Nylund, Stig Carlsson and Hans-Agne Jakobsson made many beautiful luminaires for Ifö Electric during the sixties and seventies, and it is these early designers who pay tribute in the exhibition that will be on display at Industrimuseet in Bromölla throughout the summer.
Ifö Electric exhibits at Industrimuseet


For a couple of years now, Anders Öringe, CEO of Ifö Electric, together with employees have bought older luminaires and collected the previous works that were created in the sixties and seventies in the factory. The collection is now up in the considerable sum of over 400 luminaires and spans all models. The luminaires were then available in many colors. Today, our luminaires are available in the timeless glazes white, grey, brown and black. In the early years, the glazes on the luminaires followed the colors in fashion. Everything from the pastels of the sixties in blue, pink, yellow and mint green to the darker tones of the seventies in orange, brown and moss green are at display in the exhibition.
At that time, we worked not only with press porcelain as we do today but also with casting technology. This is reflected in the shapes of the design as casting provides greater opportunities when it comes to angles and organic shapes. The luminaires from the STIL and LYX series, which are designed by Stig Carlsson, Gunnar Nylund and Hans-Agne Jakobsson, are all casted.
Of course we continue with design and qualitative materials and our luminaires have recently won several awards for form and function. Our wish and goal are that they also will be design classics someday and that they will continue to be in use in sixty to seventy years from now. Long before that, a larger museum will also be available in our own premises as well as smaller exhibitions that can be shown to the public.
Designers participating in the exhibition are Sigvard Bernadotte, Gunnar Nylund, Stig Carlsson and Hans-Agne Jakobsson. The Industrial Museum is open as usual and in addition to Ifö Electric's exhibition, the history of Iföverken is also shown along with ceramic art. Come have a look at a piece of the industrial history.
Click here to see the opening hours and information about Iföverken's industrial museum in Bromölla.
Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
The architects at Fabel Arkitektur have a certain approach when designing new houses and dwellings. With wood as their main material, they develop housings carefully embedded in the surroundings. Ifö Electric had the opportunity to visit the “Höghult” house for a viewing and a chat with the architects Catharina Dahl Palmér and Sofie Campanello.
Ifö Electric visits Höghult


- What kind of building is the house in Höghult and what does the site look like?
The building is located on top of a hill with an extensive view, overlooking an adjacent lake. The house is built for recreation, to be able to enjoy the unique place. There is a sauna, a bedroom, and an open hall next to two patios. The building consists of a closed horizontal timber volume and an open timber framing part. Both units are wooden constructions, built entirely without using screws and nails.
- What vision did you have when you designed the house?
We wanted to make an addition to the place which was restrained and magnificent at the same time and which had an interaction with the surrounding nature. Simplicity and clarity have been key words throughout the process.
- Tell us about the choice of porcelain luminaires for the house?
The house is built with traditional techniques that we have interpreted in a new way. We wanted all additions and materials in the house that were not made of wood to be pure, honest and easy to interpret. The luminaires in the Ohm series are just like the house, a reinterpretation, in their case of the classic porcelain luminaire, so they felt like an obvious addition and adornment. A similarity between the luminaires and the building is the simplicity and clarity. It is easy to understand how both the luminaire and the building are composed. Each component can be replaced, repaired, and altered.
Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
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Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
Design: Kauppi&Kauppi. Producer Ifö Electric
Ohm (Black) News 2021 By Ifö Electric (23)
The Ohm luminaire family grows. Introducing a new large and airy, clear glass figure tailored for E27 light bulbs – for installations on walls, in ceilings and on tables. In addition, several new light source options extend the functionality of the grand luminaire program.
Ifö Electric´s 2021 spring launch


Ohm is a porcelain luminaire collection for all possible situations and living spaces - indoors as well as outdoors. Inspired by older times porcelain insulators, the design by Kauppi & Kauppi celebrates the material and the century long heritage of Scandinavia’s only press porcelain producer. Since the launch in 2019, the Ohm collection has received global recognition and won several prestigious design awards, honoring its contemporary and yet classic expression.
The collection includes a pioneering splash safe pendant for bathrooms and gardens, traditional light fittings for walls, ceilings and facades - as well as a special range for sauna interiors. The collection also introduced the company’s first range of table lamps, designed to be placed within an arm’s reach, on tables or in windows – enabling a close and tactile connection to the quality of the porcelain.
” When we designed the new large clear glass silhouette, we envisioned an airy light fitting, exposing more of the porcelain - bringing out the best of the exquisite, glazed surfaces. A friendly, warm-glowing and natural living space companion”, says the designers Kauppi & Kauppi.
The 2021 Ohm news introduces a large clear glass silhouette tailored for E27 light bulbs, spreading a welcoming light. A light fitting that follows the overall program with versions for installations on facades, walls, ceilings and tables (Ohm 140/170 and Ohm Table 140/190). The previously launched siblings with opal shades, for a gently diffuse light distribution, also receives a new E27 lamp holder option (Ohm 140/170 and Ohm Table 140/190).
Another technical update includes the indoor versions of the existing suspended lights with opal glass (Ohm Pendant 100/155 and 100/215). The pendants are now available with an optional LED module, when a more powerful light solution is needed. Lastly, the Ohm 140/115 for walls and ceilings receives a new GX53 light source option. All new additions are available in black or white glaze. Grey and brown glaze are available upon request.
Design: Kauppi & Kauppi
Producer: Ifö Electric
Ohm (Black) News 2021 By Ifö Electric (24)
Ohm (Black) News 2021 By Ifö Electric (8)
Ohm (Black) News 2021 By Ifö Electric (16)
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Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
We are so happy and proud! The Ohm Collection won Swedish Design Awards in the category Lighting & Lighting Design. Wonderful! We are delighted over the cooperation with Kauppi & Kauppi who are the designers behind the entire collection. Nina and Johan at Kauppi & Kauppi are incredibly skilled in their field and have been very responsive to our wishes and the possibilities of porcelain production. We are truly happy for the great collaboration we have had with them and the Ohm collection it has resulted in.
The jury motivation
Loyal to their client's manufacturing tradition, Kauppi & Kauppi have designed a family of products that suits most living environments, both indoor and outdoor. The design is simple and timeless, which along with the material durability, results in a product with exceptional longevity.
The ceiling and table luminaires spark a relationship with the viewer and emphasise the wet-pressed porcelain as a carefully worked material of aesthetic value.
Easily replaceable components in combination with a broad technical range guarantee further durability and justify the initial energy consumption of production.
Svensk Form is the initiator of Swedish Design Award and runs the award with support from the entire Swedish design industry. The award aims at designers, architects and companies that work with design and form in the broadest sense.
Design: Kauppi & Kauppi
Producer: Ifö Electric
Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
Ifö 202012-Nyheter - DesignS-Gold
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Ohm Collection - Winner 2020,
The new luminaire shapes can be considered a tribute to the invention that first illuminated homes and ­houses electrically – the E27 light bulb, our most common and used light source. The Classic Globe series as well as the Opus family receives new product additions and technical updates. An autumn launch that continues the company tradition of manufacturing durable porcelain light fittings for today and tomorrow.
Ifö Electric´s autumn launch introduces
Classic Globe
The sphere has always been a classic and iconic motif for lighting designs. A beautiful basic shape borrowed from nature. The Ifö Electric take on the theme, the Classic Globe Collection, is easy to ­relate to and has been a darling for decades. Luminaires with the ability to adorn spaces, through pleasant light - installed as solitary decorative luminaires or repeated in glowing rows.
Various older spheric shades and porcelain bases have been part of the company assortment since the 70s. In 2012 Anders Öringe, CEO, decided to bring them together into a cohesive concept. The new collection of classic globes quickly grew into a larger family, since they were easy to use and easy to place. Over the years there has been continuous updates and additions, both in sizes and light technology, to meet requests and new standards. Today the Classic Globe collection may be installed in all kinds of situations - from bathrooms and restaurants to hotel entrances and on facades.
The new Classic Globe additions includes a porcelain lamp holder for E27 light bulbs. A development focusing on optimizing the balance between the porcelain base, the globe and the position of the light source. The result is a well-proportioned, harmonious new Classic Globe. The light fittings are paired up with either a shiny opal globe, a matt opal edition or a clear glass version. The clear glass globe comes with a high gloss glazed E27 lamp holder, bringing out the best of the lustrous and elegant material. All new Classic Globe additions are splash safe IP44 and available in high gloss black or white glaze. Grey and brown glaze are available upon request.
New Products – Classic Globe
Classic Globe Clear glass | Wall & Ceiling | E27 | IP44
Classic Globe Shiny or matt opal glass | Wall & Ceiling | E27 | IP44
Classic Globe Matt opal glass | Wall & Ceiling | E27 | IP44
Globe_Black_Ifö Electric_2020_ (24)
Globe_White_Ifö Electric_2020_ (42)
Globe_Black_Ifö Electric_2020_ (29)
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Globe_Black_Ifö Electric_2020_ (23)
Globe_White_Ifö Electric_2020_ (24)
Globe_White_Ifö Electric_2020_ (32)
Globe_Black_Ifö Electric_2020_ (22)
When the first Opus luminaire was launched in 2006, it entered the Ifö Electric assortment as the first porcelain light fitting with a contemporary appearance. The award-winning minimalistic, geometric ­design by Duoform, has attracted architects and interior designers from all around the world. Opus has found homes across Europe ending up in all kinds of contexts, as an appreciated light source in Italian fashion boutiques, as well as private homes in Barcelona and London.
The broad configuration possibilities and wide range of sizes - makes the luminaire program suitable for spaces where there is a desire to let light fittings merge with architecture, to achieve dynamic and well-lit spaces and facades. The high gloss glaze base contrasting the silk matt surface of the opal glass, makes it popular - and the splash safe feature makes it almost unlimited in ways of use. The collection is characterized by the ability to offer a light solution for most situations, indoors and outdoors.
The 2020 autumn launch introduces both a new figure and updated light technology. A new clear glass option with a visible E27 light bulb and a high gloss glazed lamp holder, opens up for an expressive look in large scale interiors. The matt opal glass version hides the E27 light bulb and offers a pleasant, diffused light. If a LED module is preferred as light source, there is an option covering that need as well. Another Opus collection update is the possibility to select a GX53 light source for the existing Opus 140/100. All new additions are splash safe IP44 and available in high gloss black, white, or grey glaze. Brown glaze is available upon request.
New Products - Opus
Opus 140/170 Matt opal glass | Wall & Ceiling | E27 | LED | IP44
Opus 140/170 Clear glass | Wall & Ceiling | E27 | LED | IP44
Opus Updates
Opus 140/100 Matt opal glass | Wall & Ceiling | GX53 | IP44
Design: Ifö Electric & Duoform
Producer: Ifö Electric / www.ifoelectric.com
Photo: © Kauppi & Kauppi
Opus_White_Ifö Electric_2020_ (9)
Opus_White_Ifö Electric_2020_ (2)
Opus_Black_Ifö Electric_2020_ (5)
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Opus_Black_Ifö Electric_2020_ (11)
Opus_White_Ifö Electric_2020_ (20)
Opus_Black_Ifö Electric_2020_ (18)


Ohm Pendant Outdoor By Ifî Electric, Design Kauppi & Kauppi 2020 (18)
Ohm Pendant Outdoor By Ifî Electric, Design Kauppi & Kauppi 2020 (18)
Our series Ohm is nominated in Design S – Swedish Design Awards in not only one but two categories!
We are so delighted since Design S – Swedish Design Awards is the foremost design award that includes
all design disciplines.
Svensk Form is the initiator and runs the award with support from the entire Swedish design industry.
The award aims at designers, architects and companies that work with design and form in the broadest sense.
Ohm nominated in i Design


Nomination for Ohm in the category Industrial and product design B2C.
The second nomination for Ohm is in the category for Light and Lighting.
Ohm is a new porcelain luminaire collection for indoor and outdoor use on walls, facades, ceilings and tables.
The first grand collection by Ifö Electric in more than ten years, designed by Kauppi & Kauppi and launched in 2019.
Inspired by old porcelain insulators, the soft curves and restrained silhouettes references the company’s legacy.
The Ohm family includes the first table lamps in Ifö Electric´s century long history as well as the first splash safe pendant
approved for both outdoor use and bathrooms
Due to the corona pandemic there will be no prize award ceremony for Design S – Swedish Design Awards 2020.
Instead all the nominees and winners will be presented in an exhibition at Hallvägen 9 in the meat packing district
in Stockholm between 1-13 of December 2020.
The winners will be presented in November, we will keep our fingers crossed!
Ohm Pendant Outdoor By Ifî Electric, Design Kauppi & Kauppi 2020 (18)
Ifösajt 2019


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