Ohm Pendant Outdoor By Ifî Electric, Design Kauppi & Kauppi 2020 (27)
Introducing the Ohm Pendant Outdoor edition, a new weatherproof suspended luminaire that brightens up the balcony, veranda and the backyard apple tree.
The Ohm Pendant, previously launched this year, widens the Ohm porcelain luminaire collection with its unusual splash safe feature for indoor installations. A rarely found suspended luminaire attribute, and a necessary aspect to cover when installing hanging light fittings in humid environments, such as bathrooms and wellness interiors. The second launch this year, includes an additional feature. The Ohm Pendant now opens the door to our living spaces outside – with a mission to brighten up the garden, terrace or backyard.
The growing Ohm Collection
The soft curves and restrained signature silhouettes of the Ohm luminaires makes the collection suitable for a wide range of situations. One of the inspirational starting points for the designers Kauppi & Kauppi and the development team at porcelain producer Ifö Electric, has been to achieve a flexibility in both use and expression. The Ohm collection already includes wall, ceiling and table luminaires in various sizes (launched 2019), but also a splash safe indoor pendant with a corresponding porcelain ceiling cup, revealed earlier this year. The desire to expand the areas of use even more, has grown gradually. Striving to make the most out of the durable, unique press porcelain material.
The new Ohm Pendant Outdoor
Introducing the new Ohm Pendant Outdoor – a porcelain luminaire with a high gloss glazed surface in white or black, IP44 certified and weatherproof. Attached to a black rubber covered cord and plug, ready to be plugged in and hung in any outdoor environment where it fulfills a purpose. Designed to be placed in the favorite backyard apple three, over a table in an open-air garden café or as a soft light, spreading a welcoming charm on a veranda. The strong sun will reflect but not affect the durable shiny glazed porcelain surface and raindrops may drip and ripple on the splash safe design, without impact.
“We wanted the pendant to follow the company’s tradition of producing multipurpose luminaires that are splash safe and may travel between different types of inside- & outside rooms. It is in a way mirroring our relationship to our living spaces - where we blend and blur the lines of conventional room definitions”, says designer Nina Kauppi
Ohm Pendant Outdoor


Designers: Kauppi & Kauppi (Johan Kauppi and Nina Kauppi) / www.kauppikauppi.se
Producer: Ifö Electric / www.ifoelectric.com
Photo: © Kauppi & Kauppi
Video link: https://vimeo.com/421593281
Ohm Pendant Outdoor By Ifî Electric, Design Kauppi & Kauppi 2020 (31)
Ohm Pendant Outdoor By Ifî Electric, Design Kauppi & Kauppi 2020 (18)
Ohm Pendant Outdoor By Ifî Electric, Design Kauppi & Kauppi 2020 (5)
One base, two colors and three glasses
The Ohm luminaires share a shade program across the entire collection. The pendant’s shade sizes match the previous launched Ohm Table lamp, as well as the wall and ceiling fixtures. A concept kept within narrow limits of three selectable shades, keeps the production resources to a wise level, binding together the collection and the different areas of use. The white opal shade comes in two lengths. One for a short dense appearance, and a long shade for a more stretched silhouette. The clear glass option gives a possibility to create an individual look, when choosing a light source from today´s wide range of expressive lightbulbs.
“Developing an outdoor pendant varies a lot from working with other fixture categories. What differs the most is that there is no backside where things can be hidden. We needed to invent a clever way to integrate the splash safeness into the design. Simple, neat and intuitive was the ambition and of course the hardest to achieve” says product developer Adam Dennerkrans
A unique durability and long-term perspective
The production is made with a long-term perspective in focus. The light fittings are designed and constructed in a way that enables all components to be disassembled and replaced if necessary. If the light technology standards change in the future, new parts can be added. This means that the luminaires, together with the material's own durability, have the conditions to achieve an exceptionally long lifecycle, potentially longer than many buildings - neither wind, water nor strong sunlight changes the glazed porcelain surface.
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